Corrosion prevention on wharfs, bridges, marine and civil-engineering structures

CWS products provide not only waterproofing, but concrete and steel reinforcement protection. They are ideal to prevent corrosion on applications such as bridges and especially wharfs and marine structures, which are constantly attacked by chloride.
Even the best concrete develops hairline cracking allowing water and corrosive materials, such as carbon dioxide and chlorides to penetrate the concrete and attack the steel reinforcement. The result of the corrosion and rusting is expansion of the steel and ultimately destruction of the concrete. Unfortunately, sometimes this results in demolition of the structure years before its original design life is achieved and even worse: significant loss of life in the case of bridge collapses etc. Recent bridge collapses in Genoa, Italy and the USA spring readily to mind.

Sealing the cracks in the concrete and creating an impermeable barrier just below the surface, CWS100 prevents the ingress of chlorides and harmful chemicals, which attack the reinforcement and cause degradation of the concrete.


By preventing corrosion, CWS100 and CWS Admix may even double the effective lifespan of some of these structures.

Waterproofing wharfs and bridges to prevent corrosion is essential to prolong their lifespan. If not, they can end up like the structures below